Phnom Penh apartment for sale

Apartments for Sale in Phnom Penh: Best Places to Invest

Investing in Apartments in Phnom Penh is one of the safest bets one can make. The strong economic growth, the increase of population, the growing standard of living, are just some of the factors that affect the high demand for apartments in Cambodia’s capital. As a direct result of that, Phom Penh’s rental yield is one of the highest in the region, lower only from Indonesia and the Philippines.

The real estate market in Phnom Penh is booming as there are many apartments for sale in Phnom Penh and its wider area. However, if you want to invest in the city, here are the top best places to invest.

Phnom Penh apartment for sale

Tuol Kouk

Located at the outskirts of the city, this area is populated mainly by family folks. Among the many new buildings, there are plenty of spacious villas made in western style. Until recently the entire area was under the radar of all major developers. The fact that some of the best international schools are in this neighborhood makes it a top destination for expats with families. That alone drives the prices up, and there is no telling how they can go.

Daun Penh

The area is known for the Royal Palace, the hotels, few pub streets, and the various shops. Several notable buildings are being developed in this area and several more that offer top class, western style apartments. Both commercial and residential real estate in this area is a rare commodity. One that will be even rarer in time.

Phnom Penh apartment for sale

Prampir Makara

Speaking of underrated and under the radar one must not forget Prampir Makara. This is the smallest of all districts. At the same time, it is one of those areas where you can feel the real pulse of the city. The entire area is packed with authentic streets of local shops and small businesses. There are several new residential buildings in the making and a dozen more that are already on the market. The prices are relatively low, but real estate experts think that won’t last much. The reason why they think so is that developers are lacking ideas about where to invest next. Sooner, or a bit later, they will place their focus on Prampir Makara.

Phnom Penh apartment for sale

Chamkar Mon

This is a neighborhood in which there is a growing international community. The area features charming streets with western houses, local shops, excellent restaurants, great schools, bars, pubs, cinemas, playgrounds, basketball courts, and pretty much anything that can be found in a western city. Almost all of the apartment buildings here are made in western style with all the amenities that a westerner would like to have. Then there are few in the making that take things up a notch and follow higher standards. According to some local real estate agents, the international community is growing with a strong pace, and there are no signs of stopping. And almost all of them want to live in Chamkar Mon. That alone will drive prices higher and higher as time goes by.