International Real Estate Investments

International Real Estate Investments

Real estate, also named immovable property, is a legal concept that includes and defines a certain section of land along with anything permanently affixed to it, such as buildings. Real estate or immovable property is often considered as being synonymous to real property, in opposition to personal property. However, for technical purposes, some people prefer to distinguish real estate in relation to land and fixtures.

This differs from real property, referring to ownership rights over real estate. Real estate investments are considered to be among the most profitable investments one can make in today. Many people have started investing in real estate as the profits calculated in time almost double the initial investment. Real estate investment includes investments in houses, lands, terrains and any other surface that one can speculate upon.


For doing this business, however, there are certain fees to pe paid, even if there are also reductions of costs for corporations that invest in real estates. A Real Estate Investment The real estate investment trust is a tax concept in which a company that invests in real estate is not allowed to pay regular taxes for it. This process as a whole is called the elimination of corporate income taxes.

There are many people and corporations who also invest in real estate in other countries. Each country has its own laws regarding real estate investments, hence these people must be familiar and respect regulations and fees. The real estate investment trust concept was invented and introduced in Australia. This country has the greatest real estate investment trust market outside the United States. Real estate investment trusts were also introduced in Bulgaria with the so called “Special Purpose Investment Companies Act”.


They are pass-through entities for corporate income tax purposes. People who want to invest in real estates in Bulgaria must take into consideration these taxes and the conditions of real estate investment for which they must be suitable. Countries like Germany or India are in the process of introducing real estate investment trusts in order to align to the general conditions and procedures of this method that are most commonly used in many other countries. The US has the biggest market of real estate, due to the large territory which they possess. There were almost 200 publicly traded real estate investments that functioned in the US.

Their features also included a combined $500 billion, and more than half of them were trading on the national stock market. The number of real estate investment trusts is not yet registered with the Securities Exchange Commission. Unofficially traded transactions total close to 800. By being aware of the real estate investment trusts that apply in many countries, people can calculate their priorities and submit to the investment process accordingly.